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Custom Manufacturing

Industry Experts In Bronze Bushings & Bearings

The unique properties that make bronze the material of choice for shock-load bearings are the same properties that demand very specialized handling and machinery techniques. Our skilled craftsman embrace today's progressive technologies for accuracy and uniformity never before possible.


Our fully computerized CNC machine tools have been customized with many unique features, including high-speed, multi-axis and live tooling to ensure both precision and economy. Coincidental ID and OD machining guarantees consistent thickness on every bushing and our custom-engineered grooving and turning equipment delivers proprietary process unique in the industry.

Our extensive investment in precision quality control gauges and fixtures, which are regularly calibrated and verified against Canadian national standards, ensures that every bushing meets the exacting standards set out by both our customers and our employees... before it leaves our plant.

From the smallest, most intricate bushings to large, heavy duty solid or split bushings, our equipment and expertise guarantee priority treatment for every order.

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